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February Valentines Weekend 2016summer

We want you to come for this great experience so are offering a discount.
Studio Apartment
$1500 per couple* That's 21% off until the 5th of February or when places fill.
Single room shared, 3 bedroom self-contained apartment
$1200 per couple*
Where: QT Resort, Falls Creek      
When: Friday 12th February - Sunday 14th February
*Families, singles and special requests are welcome, prices to suit. These prices are based on one person in the couple not doing yoga, but on request we can organise a class for the fellas too.


This weekend will suit every body


Ladies bring your families, put your babies in childcare, send your men couples w kend webmountain biking and join us to reconnect, revive and come alive.


Men bring your families, put your babies in childcare, send your women to the yoga retreat and go ride your heart out.


We cater for everybody. We can organise mountain bike hire and other activities including wine and cheese on Mt Mackay, self guided walks in the Alpine high plains, and more.


 All inclusive

2 nights Five Star Accommodation (fully self-contained apartment)
All rooms have a balcony spa
2 Dinners in QTFallsCreek Restaurant
2 A la Carte Breakfast
All yoga activities, meditations, guided nature walks, vision board supplies
Access to hotel facilities including heated pool, spa and sauna plus optional extras (spa treatments)


Short version plan:

FRIDAY 12th  will involve yoga, meditation, nature, free time and food*


SATURDAY 13th yoga, meditation, nature, free time, workshops*

SUNDAY 14th yoga and a 9 direction finishing ceremony, farewell*

 *extra activities include massage, bike hire, wine and cheese on Mt Mackay and more.

The Practise gets personal.

The mastery of yoga must not be measured by how well you do yoga asanas, but rather by how well it influences your relationships in life in a positive manner.                                                                                         K.V. Desikachar

 Our weekend will begin with Yoga Mudra. A flowing series combining breath and movement, where under the broad umbrella of respect, we examine our relationship with ourselves, with others and with all that exists. With this as our agama (starting point) and foundation, we will engage asana practice (indoor and outdoor), pranayama, relaxation and yoga sutra to explore the wonderful possibilities of yoga beyond the mat, enriching every aspect of our lives. All supported by delicious food and soothing environment.

Contact us for more information.






For yoga information call Bill on 0409 143 641 

Falls Creek Retreats can also organise your business retreat with activites, yoga, transport, etc

For information on how to get to and any information on Falls Creek call Rachel on 0410 326 996



Falls Creek Retreats will endevour to run the retreat as advertised but due to unforeseen circumstances (weather) and the retreats fails to run a 100% refund will be given. 

Cancelation: If you give 1 months notice there will be a 80% refund, less than 2 week no refund.



Yoga alone will not cause you to loose weight, get fit, find God, etc. Only you can do that and Yoga is a great tool. It will motivate your spirit to live with passion and find your true self. Diet, exercise, great medical advice from a Doctor, yoga, massage and any other positive actions in life will make living easier.

 Massage is designed for the purpose of relaxation and relief from tension, muscle spasms or poor circulation. The massage therapist can’t diagnose medical issues/diseases/disorders or perform spine corrections.



Health & Wellbeing

Through yoga and massage we believe you will have an improved physical and mental state. A state of wellbeing.



Falls Creek Retreats
Slalom Street,
Falls Creek, Victoria 3699
Tel: 0410 326 996